Approaches (SLTB) & Destinations

Arrivals and departures on the main runway:
Take off runway 14 heading 135° only. Approach using heading 315° over Eden Auk sim for runway 32. Alternate approach from the South heading 360° over Eden Godwit sim, then turning to 315° to intersect runway path (please see picture below).


Arrivals and departures on the seaplane lane:
Take off 18 heading 180° only and landing 36, with ramps allowing entry and exit from the water. Approach using heading 360° over Eden Godwit sim for runway 36 (please see picture below)


Destinations in Eden and Fruit Islands:
There are currently 5 air strips located in the Eden and Fruit Island land mass (including Tortuga Bay Airport).
Both SL Coast Guard helipads are strictly forbidden to civilian helicopters.

  • Eden Gateway Airport SLEN, Eden Gateway
  • Bumrose Airfield SLBR, Eden Cygnet
  • Frozen Banana Airstrip SLFZ, Frozen Banana
  • Tortuga Bay Airport SLTB, Eden Guillemot