Flight Communication

The SL aviation chat group that currently covers the airspace above Fruit Islands, Eden Naturist Estate and the North Sea is FENS Unicom.

The following communications are included in this group: Unicom, Delivery, ATIS, Ground, ATC, Centre and Approach.

FENS Unicom can be found on Gridtalkie in the main Unicom Gridtalkie selection list or by using channel #12350.

FYI: 123.500 MHz is the highest channel in the RL Unicom range


A secondary group exists for Tortuga Bay on Gridtalkie and can be added by:

  1. Make sure your Gridtalkie device is not worn, take it off if it is
  2. Activate the Tortuga Bay Smugglers group
  3. Add/wear your Gridtalkie device
  4. Select your chosen tuner’s <input channel> and type ‘/<input channel> groupmode’ in local chat. For example: for a default Tuner C, type /13 groupmode
  5. The new channel will appear called Tortuga ATC