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UPDATE July 2018: Minor bug fixes (float height on water resolved). The Seaplane is now GTFO Certified and the update included the GTFO modues needed to play the game.

UPDATE June 2018: This includes some minor bug fixes; a Relay for Life Paint; and a Tiny version of the plane (Vice and standard), that is 60% of the regular plane in size. A Waffles paint is included too for those who like waffles. Note that there are 2 aircraft boxes in the red crate: Regular and Tiny.

The Hunter S.21. This is based on the Savoia S-21, which was inspired by the SIAI S.21 and the Macchi M.33.

Original mesh model by Helijah Bailey and Cat Hunter. Efficient and original scripts by Shana Carpool, fully featured, modifiable and adjustable.

Speed at 100% power:  75 mph
Cruise speed at 50% power:  35 mph
Length: 8.25 m
Wigspan: 10.0 m
Height (with trolley): 2.92 m
Passengers: 2, Pilot + passenger
Armament: 2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) with 20 hitting potential (HP)
Prims: 49 (with trolley), 47 (without trolley)

Realistic sounds
Text HUD
Adjustable sitting positions
Guest mode
Eject unwanted passengers
Two Cameras: Dynamic and fixed
Locator Beacon
Rocking in water when parked
VICE combat version included
Two flight modes: Cruise and Combat (high control-surface rate)
Functional transport trolley (Runway take-off possible)
Regular edition and 60% size Tiny avi edition included. Both come as Standard and VICE versions.

UVs, AOs and Sample Textures supplied
Make custom textures
Texture application script
Tintable for simple coloring

Link 3rd party Parts and Add-ons (no re-linker script needed)

GTFO Certified