Hunter AC1 Hovercraft

  • Hunter AC1 Grey and Orange Paint

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Please report bugs and suggestions by IM to Cat, the builder.

5 Place Multi-Purpose Hovercraft. Fun for cruising over land and water.

Original mesh model, Efficient and original scripts, fully featured, modifiable and adjustable. The Hunter AC1 is challenging to pilot, but once mastered is exhilarating to drive. The Hunter AC1 is certified for GTFO (15 Packages, API Code: HUNTER).

Speed at 100% power              28 Kts
Passengers (seated)                   4
Passengers (max)                       5
Length (hovering)                  7.62 m
Width (hovering)                    3.72 m
Height (To top of antenna)   3.41 m
Obstacle clearance
Manoeuvre Mode                     40 cm
Cruise Mode                              40 cm

Pilot/Copilot control
User Access List
Sits 5 in total
Text HUD with Region, Speed,Compass & Power
Emergency Flashing Light (Customisable and Optional)
Siren & Horn
Adjustable seats (forward and back)
Adjustable sitting positions
Eject unwanted passengers from any seat
4 Cameras, including Dynamic Cam
Follow Cam & Dynamic Cam fully Adjustable
Locator Beacon

UVs, AOs and Sample Textures supplied
Sample textures
Make custom textures
Texture application script
Tintable for simple coloring

Link 3rd party Parts and Add-ons (no re-linker script needed)

GTFO Certified (15 Packages, API Code: HUNTER).

Maneuver Mode
Allows small amount of movement, ideal for parking/docking and taxiing.

Cruise Mode
For fast cruising forwards.

Clearance of objects up to 40cm in height; Ability to ride up ramps with ease; Jump waves as long as the speed is kept up and of course surf waves for fun.