Airport Stats Logger


Airport Stats Logger keeps track of flights on runways, seaplane landing lanes and helipads.

* Monitor live data from your airport.
* Determin busy periods and activty at the airport.
* Analyse aircraft types to check if your facilities are suitible.
* See who is usinig your facilities.

Our Airport Stats Logger system is being used by a number of airports, including: Aleksandr Intl Airport, Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport, Bentwaters Fied, Chase Field Marine Corps, Cheerport Airport, Eden Gateway, Eden Race Track, Frank Jack Fletcher Field, Friendly Airport, Grenadier Airport, Hawkside Airfield, Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield, Mystic Wolf Airport, NAS Miramar, Oniakaloha Airfield, Smugglers Cove, Tortuga Bay Airport, Tuarua Fiji International Airport, White Star Airfield and the Unity airports. And in the past by: Brook Hill Airfield, Tsurington Aerodrome, Port Icarus.

The system comprises a number of transparrent and phantom ‘gates’ that do not generate any lag (no timers in the script and no scanners). As aircraft pass the gates, a small script sends information to the Online Stats system and you can access the information wherever and whenever you like.

You decide what you want to share, if at all, and you can analyse the data over time, to see how the airport progresses and develops. Vital information in determining viability.


Stats[1](above) Airport Stats Logger Summary Page

The Stats system presents the raw data, summaries and monthly totals, plus a summary page that groups key metrics in an easy to read format via the web. You do not have to be logged into SL to monitor your airport activity.

We show and can compare:
* Arrivals and Departures (graph).
* Runway, seaplane landing lanes and helipad activity.
* Landing and take off speeds.
* Daily totals, Monthly totals, and All time totals.
* Aircraft Types
* Aircraft Pilots/Owners
* Runways used
* Times of day activity

You can elect to share this with your co-owners and airport pilots, and you can elect not to display some of the info if you wish (for example pilot names).

I charge 1500L$ for a basic one-runway setup, 2000L$ for two runways (basic), 3000L$ for 4 gates and error reporting (incorrect use of runways, 2 or 4 gates). I will quote if your requirement goes beyond the basic setup.

IM me today to discuss settinig up an Airport Stats Logger system at your airport.