Cat & Cry

Cat & Cry is a collaborative venture between Cat Hunter (catalinahunter resident) and Cryptic (cryptic resident) that came about after a chance meeting in a club. We have a great time working on scripts and building products.

We founded our activities at Poppyport, in Sansara. Since the closure of Poppyport, we have since worked from Smugglers Cove and from Eden where we have our Pylon Air Race track. Now we are based at our own airport, also in Eden: Tortuga Bay.

What we have on the go is an Airport Stats Logger system (see below), we paint planes and some boats (see below) and we program bots: an Estate Manager bot project and one day we will finally get it together to finish our Air Traffic Control bot.

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Hunter AC1 Hovercraft A new veicle with some really speacial features.

* Original Mesh model
* Exciting Realistic Sriptis
* Fun Vehicle that can be used for multiple tasks: Personal use: Coastguard, Search & Eescue, Military, Estate Management etc.

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Airport Stats Logger keeps track of flights on runways, seaplane landing lanes and helipads.

* Monitor live data from your airport.
* Determin busy periods and activty at the airport.
* Analyse aircraft types to check if your facilities are suitible.
* See who is usinig your facilities.

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Cat & Cryptic’s Plane paintshop

* We paint planes and a few boats.
* Sometiles we do custom work, so you can always ask.

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