TortugaWelcome to Tortuga Bay Airport.

Tortuga Bay was built as a fortified port by the Spanish in the 16th century. The island was used by pirates and smugglers over the centuries. Some decades ago during a civil war, a Banana Republic dictator built a military airstrip, but was ousted by the Americans who left the place bombed and deserted.

We found the island with its run down installations and old mission church. We filled in the potholes on the runway and renovated the buildings. We converted the old mission church into a terminal and built a new bar on the ruins of the old port.

The island is now a flourishing tourist destination and regional hub for local transport and trade.

Eden is a series of 65 wonderful scenic sims in Second Life that link together to form a massive, landscaped estate of waterways and islands for naturists to enjoy the clothes-free lifestyle. You have flying and sailing access to all the Eden sims, North Sea sims and the Fruit Islands sims – that’s over 190 sims! There are currently 5 airports and airstrips in the region that make for some plesant exploring by plane or seaplane.

  • Birdseye-2Tortuga Bay offers 15 rental tie-downs / slips / helipads.
  • Tortuga Bay offers desks for a limited number of airlines, please contact a manager for more information.
  • Tortuga Bay Airport is intended to be a tropical island airport with seaplane facilities. Large jets are not really suitable and we prefer that you use smaller piston or turboprop planes, although small business jets are allowed.
  • We offer rental spaces of different sizes, most commonly 50 prims and 100 prims, but we can offer a space to suit your needs. Please contact one of the managers.
  • Our basic rental price is 3L$ / prim / week .
  • We offer aircraft grade fuel (Terra, DSA, TBM, Dani & Shargood).
  • An ATC system under development.
  • There is a 203m Main concrete runway (Take off runway 14 and landing runway 32) and a Seaplane landing lane (Take off 18 and landing 36) with ramps allowing seaplanes to enter and exit the water.
  • We offer a terminal with facilities and a shop.

We would love you to become part of our group of aviation enthusiasts. Feel free to use the facilities!

Tortuga Bay, Eden Guillemot, Eden
Current owners: Cat Hunter (CatalinaHunter Resident) & Cryptic (Cryptic Resident)
Founders: Cat, Cryptic & Rulette (Rulette Resident)
Builder: Maddie (MaddieHaricot Resident)